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Patient Evaluation and Counseling

In our efforts to provide excellent natural healthcare, we are pleased to offer custom designed health & wellness evaluations and counseling. Our Health & Wellness Program includes clinical tests that can help us evaluate your current health and determine what supplemental support may benefit you. Every person has a unique physical, mental, emotional, genetic, and spiritual makeup. We understand that all of these factors affect our health. We will carefully design a health plan specifically to meet your needs to improve your health.

  • We will perform and/or prescribe patient tests, measurements and evaluations of health status, impairment and disabilities in establishing or revising treatment and preventive programs.
  • We will evaluate the effects of therapy at various intensities and duration during case management and revises therapy to achieve maximum results.
  • We will provide counseling in such areas as dietary habits, physical and mental attitudes affecting health, occupational safety, posture, rest, work, rehabilitative exercises, health habits and many other activities of daily living that would enhance the effects of chiropractic health care.


Your first visit will include:

  • A detailed consultation of your current complaints and health problems.
  • A review of the major systems of your body and a medical history including medications, surgeries and traumas.
  • A physical examination of the spine, joints an nerves will be performed by doing chiropractic, orthopedic and neurologic tests.
  • If further testing such as x-ray, CAT exams, MRI or other imaging is needed a prescription will be given to you.
  • We will  then schedule you for another visitwithin a few days so you can see your results quickly and start care right away.

On your second visit after reviewing your information and test results, we’ll give you a full report of our findings where you will be informed of:

  • The details of your problem
  • How we can help you
  • The duration of your care plan and goals of treatment
  • Insurance coverage and costs involved